About Our Instructors

All fitness professionals should go through certification to insure the safety of biomechanics and efficiency of the exercises taught to clients WholyFit instructors become fitness professionals through thorough certification in the WholyFit Gentle Body Power exercise system. .

WHOLYFIT is a multi-level strengthening and stretching fitness program built to accomplish specific health and fitness goals. Founder, Laura Monica’s background comes from 30 years of exercise prescription and program design.

Those certified by WholyFit are the only ones authorized to use the WholyFit system and the secrets of the M.A.T. techniques. This maintains purity of our core values and our mission.


On a spiritual level, instructor certification is presented from a conservative, Biblical, evangelical worldview from a loving and joyful attitude full of worship and thanksgiving. Goals are centered on wholeness, holiness and fitness through Christ Jesus alone.

On a physical level,WHOLYFIT is based on bio-mechanics of movement offering modifications using incremental presentation techniques. WHOLYFIT instructors provide a multi-level and self-paced program, offering gradual acclimation using cutting edge personal training techniques. That happens because WHOLYFIT instructors are trained by experienced, knowledgeable fitness professionals using cutting edge fitness research and design so that classes are safe for the general population. Exercises are based on ACSM and AFAA fitness guidelines which promote a high benefit and low risk ratio. WHOLYFIT offers fitness-based sequencing. Each class participant will get an awesome workout that is just right for that person.

Excellence is WHOLYFIT’S distinguishing characteristic, and that includes our certification programs. WHOLYFIT training includes anatomy, Kinesiology, exercise design and group leadership as well as discipleship and inspiration to follow Christ and make Him pre-eminent in all things.

Interested in becoming a Certified WholyFit Instructor? Click here for more information regarding our WF Certification programs.