Confessions of a Former Yoga Teacher

I saw a yoga class of about 90 people in the park today. It bothered me so much. It’s a free class, so money had nothing to do with my righteous anger. They were sitting doing mantras – no exercises – hand gestures. I prayed, “Oh Lord let that yoga teacher’s real intentions be made evident.” …except my words were expressed in a much angrier way, haha, but God understands…

“…authenticity is holding to one’s moral convictions despite being constantly challenged by one’s environment and the expectations of others to betray one’s values.”  [Lt. Col. Sean Hannah quoted by Jim Furr, author of “Authentic Leadership” article.]

I wanted to become a yoga star. I once was deceived and tried to live the deceptive life of teaching yoga as a Christian. But soon my un-authentic behavior caught up with me when I realized that I was legitimizing yoga and that by doing that, leading people to hell! One day I simply and suddenly woke up!

I confess that I used all the rationalizations that people now give to me, and with gusto. When my participants started going to Kuhdalini yoga classes because of my influence from teaching my “yoga fitness” classes, that’s when the rationalization of “it’s just exercise” became an empty banging gong in the center of my being. “What am I living for?” “What are my values?” “What the heck am I doing?

I read something today that made me more confident and I know it will encourage you too. (Quotes below from Jim Furr’s article from “Pointers in Proverbs” newsletter entitled “Authentic Leadership” in yellow italics.)

“I propose for your consideration that it was Moses’ authenticity, his commitment to a value system based on the principle outlined in Proverbs 11:18, that made him one of history’s foremost leader.  … Moses was raised as the grandson of Pharaoh, the world’s most powerful man. At 40, we’re told, Moses faced an identity crisis. He had to decide, “Am I a Hebrew or am I an Egyptian? Am I a slave or am I royalty?” To put it another way, he had to settle the issue, “What are my values for life? What am I living for?”  – Jim

Is the following statement true? “If there are lots of people participating, then God is all for it.”  How completely opposite to Biblical precepts! How opposite to “The Way” that has been accompanied by persecution, imprisonment and martyrdom for centuries! There is no stardom in WholyFit! That’s because Jesus is our star. He is the One we lift as pre-eminent. He is the One we want people to see in every WholyFit class. May Jesus be the famous One!

Jesus is our Star. He is the Pre-eminent One we lift up. Whether you know it or not, if you lead any type of group, you are a spiritual leader. What are our ministry values? Our greatest value is whatever Jesus values: He said, “If you love me, feed my sheep.”

As an Egyptian, Moses had degrees, political power, wealth and a rockstar position.

“Yet, Hebrews informs us that after considering what was important to him and what wasn’t, he elected to walk away from all of this to cast his lot with the Israelites. Talk about refusing to betray one’s values in spite of the challenges of environment and expectations! That, my friends, is authenticity. Little wonder Moses enjoyed such influence. Who of us wouldn’t follow a leader like that, someone we could trust to say what he means and do what he says?” “What motivated Moses to make such an uncompromising choice?”

“Hebrews explains that he was looking forward to a great reward. Moses recognized that the culture’s values, while pleasurable, are fleeting. Proverbs 11:18, … asserts that the rewards of the … individual who buys into God’s value system, will endure. So Moses organized his priorities accordingly. How about you and me?”

I choose rather to endure persecutions with the God’s people
than to have all the treasures of Egypt!

May you now receive strength from Jesus to continue the good fight!
Be bold. Be sure. Stand firm. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad!

In Jesus, Laura