Sound System and Music for Your Group Ex Class

Why Use a Microphone

How to Set Up Your Sound System

Tips on Using Your SmartPhone to Play Music for Your Class

The next video (by request) shows you how to Put All Your Music in One Track So There is No Music Silence Between Songs
I choreograph better DJing my own music.
There is a disclaimer at the beginning about the fact that all music played in public must have royalties paid to the artist. Your church might pay the licensing fee, but you will have to check. WholyFit has it’s own licensed music tracks donated by original artist and we are always looking for more.

If you take my exercise classes online, you as a teacher may have the music I use, which is all one track and edited beat to beat. Each class music track is 30-60 minutes long. You buy all the songs then send me the receipt. Then I will send you the music all mixed together beat to beat for the whole class with sequays between songs that wont mess up your timing.

To take my exercise classes go to continuing education. I offer one kind of class per season. Right now I’m offering K700 every Thursday night.