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  1. Connect with the public
  2. Connect with your WholyFit family is in place because we are a community of Fitness Professionals who use proven methods, proclaim truth and offer personal care to each other and to our clients/participants. is about connection and community..

Motives Measures
1. Proper Pace Continuing education on teaching methodology and client sensitivity, how to teach in a multi-layer format.
2. Personal Care (physical) Continuing education of exercise safety & technique
3. Proven Methods Continuing education to stay up with the latest scientific breakthroughs in the fitness community.
4. Proven Methods + Professional People Fitness professionals are lifetime learners who stay certified and continue to learn and grow through practice, mentorship and new information.
5. Proclaim Truth Continuing education on how to be a spiritual leader who lives the Word and raises up others to lead
6. Personal Care (emotions) A Biblical Lifestyle can only grow in community.

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