Get WholyFit CECs for Other Certs.

This post answers the following question: What are Continuing Education Credits and how can you use your WholyFit training to get CECs /CEU’swith OTHER fitness organizations?

WholyFit officially recommends the NEW ACSM Group Exercise and/or Personal Training certifications. ACSM is the Gold standard in the fitness industry. WholyFit training credits do not require any pre-approval from ACSM so you can submit WholyFit trainings as part of the credits needed to renew your certifications with ACSM.

AFAA Primary Group Exercise is also a good certification because you already know all the content you will be tested on. To get credits for WholyFit work with AFAA you need to submit the form below.

Read on for directions and forms…

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Exercising in Heat

It is common for experts in exercise physiology to advise against overly heated workout environments. This is applicable to WholyFit so that we can give the evidence for the dangers behind Hot Yoga.

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