Mentor Trainer Workshop at Pre-Conference – Current Mentor Trainers

Below is the list of Mentor Instructors.
We need to A.I.M. to use weapons properly. (ARMed with the Word, Informed by the Holy Spirit and March on God’s command.) We need a M.A.P. (Ministry Action Plan) on how to get from where we are to where we need to go. I believe developing Mentor Trainers is the next step in following God, Our Master. This is a marching order inspired by God’s Word.
“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” March 16:15

Being trained now…
WholyFit Staff Mentor Trainers

Mentor groups are assigned in order of registration and arranged according to what Gold Certification they commit to attend.



Group 1
Texas Gold Certification: Carlyn Mannino, Tiffany Weatherford, Kay Snow, Kym Pelfrey, Twyla Gurlea


Group 2
Texas Gold Certification: Karin Johnson, FLA-Karalyn Tresh, Lexi Bulkley, FLA-Carol Gamble, FLA- Deborah Passero, FLA -Danielle Theiss
Groups 3
Chris Stansbury, Janine Lingner, Jen Willis, Jennifer Tuttle, Mary Garcia
Group 4
Mary Limon, Mia Davis, Lori Mangrum, Carrie Carriere, Julia Faia


Group Planning:

>Groups 1 and 2 will do individual personal training with Laura online
>Group 3 will train in person with Laura, one online.
>Group 4 is a combo of those who will train in person and online.
>Group 5 is forming now

Group Activation:

Group 1 activates before March Certification in TX
Group 2 activates after March Certification in TX
Group 3 training gradually in person now till September Certification in Ca. Lexi will train online beginning Summer 2016
Group 4 some are training gradually in person, other online beginning October 2016.
Group 5 will activate in 2017 when group 4 finishes


God is building a team network. Please pray as we transition.

Mentor Trainer MAP
M. Ministry
A.  Action
P.  Plan

As a leader, you should all be developing other established and emerging leaders; that’s what you are already doing as you teach or train in others your fitness ministries. As a Big sister/brother, any WholyFit instructor can help someone through Silver Training. Mentor Trainers take it one step further, they certify instructors: they duplicate themselves by developing people from their classes to be certified WholyFit Instructors/personal trainers and then certify them in person. This will take personalized training from Laura.

There are two types of Mentor Training:

A. In person training with Laura for local Californians

  • California Mentor trainers will be training with Laura in person first Saturday of every month (except March) for 3 hour workshops in Camarillo, CA. If you are local to Laura and want to join the training please email her at

B. In person training online with Laura by phone, webinar

  • Mentor Trainers work with Laura for two months; twice a month for one hour online
    and twice a month for 10 minutes by phone.
  • Mentor Trainers go through Silver Certification material again FREE for 90 days.
  • Mentors trainers join the Personal Training Facebook private group for Silver Interns for 90 days to watch how Pam and I use it
  • On that private group Mentor trainers help us trying the new Silver Interns for 60 days.
  • Mentor trainers attend the pre-conference day at Gold Certification to learn how to photo coach and other necessary skills.
  • Mentor trainers practice training on the Gold Interns at the Gold Certification training.

Our prayer is that Mentors will be able to facilitate Gold and Silver Certification Trainings in the future.

Is God calling you to be a Mentor Instructor?

Please contact me as it is first come, first serve as spots open. Laura trains 5 people maximum at a time in one group.