Trademark Notice

All people, including WholyFit instructors, are disallowed from using WholyFit, including all homonyms and alternate spellings in a website domain name (exp: you cannot register and own domain names such as: or any other variation including the WholyFit trademarked name.) “WholyFit” including all homonyms and alternate spellings are also trademarked. For example Holy Fit, Wholly Fit, holyfit, whollyfit, wholyfit classes, wholyfitforu, etc. are pre-owned trademarks of WholyFit LLC and Laura Monica.

*The use of the WholyFit name, branding or logo is reserved for use ONLY by WholyFit corporate. WholyFit provides all approved promotional materials and approved clothing. Use of the WholyFit logo for printed materials and all promotional items cannot be legally used by anyone except for WholyFit Corporate. For example, instructor use of the WholyFit brand or representation on clothing is a violation of the WholyFit trademark. As discussed in Silver Certification, it is a benefit to all our WholyFit team to work in unity by presenting our harmonized branding presence that is detirmined only be WholyFit corporate.

[message type=”error”] Only WholyFit instructors are legally allowed to verbally use the WholyFit name in the promotion, marketing and description of their classes and qualifications.[/message]

Instructors are encouraged to link out to their personal website address when they submit their free listing, with awareness of the trademark notice. Instructors are also encouraged to LINK IN to this website from your personal domain by including these links and/or on your own personal website.

Other links that get to for link outs: and/or