Has Your Gold Certification Lapsed?

I sure know how that feels! I remember when my AFAA certification lapsed the first time … I am just allergic to paper and forms…

Gold Reinstatement

Get back on track for $100. Welcome home!

Reinstatement is for you if your Gold Certification has lapsed. In other words, you received your initial Gold Certification, but you have not re-certified before your 2 year deadline date. Your deadline, also called your anniversary date, is listed on your Gold Certificate and also on your wholyfitclass.com listing. This lapsed status has voided your WholyFit certification but now you will restart it in four easy steps!

 Refresher: $100.00

You do not have to submit checkpoints, tests or photocoaching.

STEP 3 Please fill out the Instructor Application

STEP 4 Please fill out Contact Hour Log forms (6 hours required of logged practice. Use the practice videos on wholyfit.com. You will be given the password to the Silver Certification Trainer Area when you pay for Silver Refresher.)

Thank you for reconnecting with your WholyFit team!


You have re-started your certification. Your Gold certification date will now be reset.  


Remember to personalize your directly webpage on wholyfitclass.com.

It’s your homebase for promotion of your classes and communication with your WholyFit team. Use it to access the member area, then upload your own page